About Us

Hello there, my name is Christina Bell; I am part-owner and operator of RugsAllDay & Mo, Founded August of 2022. I started out as a student Under the supervision of my son who had his own rug business named (TheyWantRugs). He took me under his wing and trained me for some years. I worked out of a garage until he saw I was able to work without supervision. I was able to work from my own 2-bedroom apartment in Nashville, TN. I relocated to Memphis, TN in 2022. I realized how happy I was during the time I was making/creating area rugs and wall art for customers.  After having a conversation with my now Co-owner (G. White) he believed in the mission and invested in the business and helped me open RugsAllDay & MO, LLC. My son gave his blessings to us and the business. I am working out of my house for now, but this is just the beginning, there are big plans in the making for RugsAllDay & Mo. I do hope you follow the journey with us!